meanwhile - (Time Space Scanner)

Earlier this year I was invited to contribute a sound component to an iteration of Alex Hass' and Maria Lantin's ongoing Time Space Scanner project.

meanwhile is a generative media installation. The scans (micro-catures) are animated in real-time in TouchDesigner and projected on six 10' by 21" technical silk panels on which a full scan has been printed.  Generative audio, synthesised sounds and recorded vocalizations from the artists, accompany. More details at the post in WITH-OTHERS.

meanwhile — a Time Space Scanner work.

Emily Carr University of Art + Design ~Diffuser Gallery February 20 - March 9 2018

Epson V750 Pro 2D scanner
50,000 scans (scanned over 6 days)
reconstituted in TouchDesigner

audio programming in Max/MSP

chickpeas, mycelium, botrytis cinerea, forest floor leavings, sunlight

projected onto 6 10' x 21" panels
inkjet on technical silk