I am a computational media artist and designer, and a creative technologist.

I primarily work in Max (from Cycling '74), a high level digital media programming environment. I have been creating, teaching, and researching with Max for over a decade. I also work with other programming languages/environments.

I make software for processing, managing, and displaying media in live, real-time situations like theatre, concerts, and dance performances, and interactive or generative installations.

Examples include custom video effects or display configurations; custom audio processing, sound design or composition; automated or manual show systems for media cues; systems for performing with live audio or video processing; and systems that are responsive to data from input like motion capture, computer vision, audio analysis, and various sensors. 

Resume [PDF]

Curriculum Vitae [PDF]


Simon Lysander Overstall is a computational media artist, and musician/composer from Vancouver, Canada. He develops works with generative, interactive, or performative elements. He is particularly interested in computational creativity in music, physics-based sound synthesis in virtual environments, and biologically and ecologically inspired art and music systems. He has produced custom performance systems and interactive art installations that have been shown in Canada, the US, Europe, and China. He has also composed sound designs and music for dance, theatre, and installations. He has an MA in Sound in New Media at Aalto University in Helsinki, a BFA in Music Composition from the School for Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University, and an Associate in Music (Jazz) Diploma from Vancouver Island University.